What tools do you use to design images?

What tools do you use to design images?, for example this website?


Adobe Illustrator


reminds me

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There are many tools available in the market, however, the online designing tools are best to get started because of two reasons: low cost and great content quality. Some of the best online graphic designing tools are Canva and Visme.

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Again, I beg to differ, Illustrator and Affinity are the best options – combined with a Wacom (or similar). Illustrator is the go-to pro tool, but comes at a cost. Affinity is a very good close second and considerably cheaper – for now.

It’s future is uncertain, as it has just been bought out by Canva and a lot depends on Canva’s intent. They state it will remain the same, but software companies have a habit of changing the goalposts once any dust has settled.


“content quality” is another term for drag-and-drop assets. Sure. Great. As long as you want to use the same cookie cutter as everyone else, have at it.

Meanwhile, I hope, there is a market for designers using real tools and real experience to get real jobs done.


yes, I have tried many ai tools to increase productivity but the quality is terrible

You’re right, designing an image takes time and effort. I tried ai tools but the finished product was not as expected

Thank you! Have a good day