What type of graphics design it is?

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
I’m new to this forum so I hope that „General” is not a wrong category for this topic. I’m also quite „new” to graphics design, I was doing it many years ago (+/-10 years) and it was mainly forum graphics such as avatars or signatures and I don’t really remember much from it. I only write this to show my experience with graphics so you can know how to deal with me. In simple words: I’m a beginner even though I had a bit of experience years ago.
As stated in the topics name I’m not sure what is the type of graphics design that I’m interested in. In simple words: I would like to modify or eventually after practice and study know how to create human skin. By that I obviously mean this „flat” image of skin that is applied to models or game characters. I don’t know how it’s professionally called. For example I like creating/rendering? scenes in DAZ3D with use of already bought characters from their store, but I would like to modify some of them to have a bit of uniqueness. Or I really like to play Sims 4, but I would like to create some unique characters by applying different looking „skins” to them. I’m not interested in making any profit in any of this. I want to treat this as some sort of hobby and create content for personal use or share it for free with others. I assume that this fall onto the category of 3D Graphics Design? But this is such a huge term hence why I’m here to ask for some sort of guidance. How can I approach this with the intent of modifying/creating skins? Literally, how do I start? What do I need to start practicing? What would be the „keywords” that I want to type in google? Because when I type „creating/modifying human skin” there’s nothing really that would explain that process fully. Is there any tutorial free or paid, it doesn’t matter, that would you recommend for me? Should I start with different type of graphics design so I could understand all of it better?
I really hope that everything that I wrote is at least understandable. English is not my first language and one of my biggest insecurities, so please be easy on me if I made any mistakes. I’ll try to clear everything up if there’s something that I worded poorly.
Thank you in advance for any response and have a great day or night.

I would start here. I think the biggest issue is here on GDF we focus more on graphic design, where as video game artists and video game design are a much different field. I’m not sure if there is a similar forum or place online for video game artists/designers.

The above link lists a range of various "artistic: roles in video game designs such as: concept art, concept design, UI design, character design, animation, rigging/tech animation, technical art, real-time VFX, environment art, cinematics, illustration and art management. So you may just have to poke around and see if any of those suit you.

But, as I mentioned before, you would probably be better off finding a forum that focuses on video game design/art and get advice from there. Best fo luck.

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Hi Greg,

Craig is right, those of us here are mostly involved in 2D work. Although there’s some obvious overlap and exceptions, most anything that involves 3D modeling and rendering falls outside of traditional graphic design.

For what it’s worth, some of my main clients have been 3D companies, like DAZ, Autodesk and others. Interestingly, they often don’t have the in-house 2D graphic design expertise and hire out those kinds of things to people like me.

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Thank you, CraigB and Just-B. I wasn’t really sure where to even look for some information and right now I have at least something. Thanks again.

You’re welcome. Good luck.

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