What vector graphic should i make to sell in a stock?

Hey graphic designers :slight_smile: , i was thinking about making some vector graphics to sell on stock photos website, but am not sure of what i should draw, do you guys have any idea of what vectors can make the best profit? and also what website do you recommend for this type of work?

i really appreciate your help :slight_smile:

Vector graphics are purchased on an as-needed basis. For generic stock, one doesn’t have to go to far to find dozens of options all at pennies to the designer. A pretty saturated market if you ask me.

If I were going to do stock art of any kind for money, I’d find a site that offered me the most bang for the buck, as in the highest percentage offered. It still isn’t going to be much considering most generic vector stock is purchasable for under $25 of which the designer might see $5, a lot of times for a collection of pieces on one “sheet.” Plus there are more and more Free stock sites out there. A little more risky for the user, but nonetheless, a viable competition.

Once you get beyond generic stock art, you run into having to think how and when a piece might be used. You might want to research current news trends, or take it one step further and look beyond what reporters might discover to talk about next and jump the market. That would take far much more work than you’d ever make back in kickbacks from the stock art site.

For custom vectors, we commission those. They aren’t purchased from stock. We hire based on style usually through an agency that represents several illustrators with differing styles and creation methods. Plus we have a few illustrators on staff…but not everyone does.

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thanks for your time PrintDriver :slight_smile:

i agree with you on this, am just kind of new to illustrator and i need some practice, so i said in stead of just spending time doing random arts, why don’t i make some graphs that i can sell ?

Go for it.
I’ve seen some really horrible stock art in my travels.
Maybe you’ll luck out with something if you’re going to spend time on it anyway.
Just beware of “pay-to-play” sites in that situation.

thanks :slight_smile:
but what you do you think i should draw? fruits/ cars/ flowers …


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I would look for things that don’t have a lot of options on the stock sites you are looking to sell on

But if you’re creating drawings of objects that already have options, please make sure you are offering something different. Either a large set in a specific style or different angles.

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NOT icons or something like a beer glass, or a mountain. those are all things I can see and say, yeah I can make that. give me a few minutes and I save myself money.

but, something extreme…like an Olympic Slalom skier in tuck, zipping past a flag and cresting over a hill. yeah i am NOT going to try that. i would definitely BUY that stock vector.

Extreme sports vectors… check
email icon …not a chance
late 1800s American Steam Engine…check
cartoon penguin…nope


Olympic anything is trademarked. Don’t use the logo in something you are going to sell.


thank you guys all for the help, am really like the community here,

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