What video contents do you watch in order to laugh?

I find FilthyFranks videos quite hilarious. Here’s the kind of things which make me laugh:

Let me know what kind of videos you watch in order to laugh since they could be good additions…

Rhett and Link from Good Mythical Morning. They are a riot. Just silly and funny and sometimes informative :wink:

This is the very first video I ever saw of them back in 2013… I’ve been hooked ever since :smiley: I’ve gone back and watched them all :slight_smile: They have a few channels on Youtube and always make my day a little brighter :slight_smile:

It is family friendly and they only get their top half done :wink:


It seems to me like a family friendly and kid friendly version of the popular trio FilthyFrank, iDubz and MaxMoeFoe. It also reminds me of their hair cake video. Since I’m part of the POC and I love gangsta rap I guess such contents(the one you posted and videos like the hair cake video) are not for me. I’m checking out their channel to find any content that’s suitable for me. Do you have any suggestions?

Mostly Mr Bean or Oggy with my kids these days.

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Do you mean Oggy and the Cockroaches?


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I watch that channel everyday!

this one is entertaining too


Awesome! :smiley: and I’m gonna have to check this one out too :smiley:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Okay, I admit it, my sense of humor can be a bit immature at times.


OMG … hahaha!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


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