What was the author thinking about?

I am asking for a little help! Please, answer the question from the photo. What do you think? Thanks for the answers!

What are your first associations when you look at the graphics?

Honestly, confusion comes to mind. It looks like it’s supposed to mean something, but I don’t know what.

An out-of-context illustrative element means absolutely nothing.
How it is used on a layout with other elements is what gives it its meaning.
Graphic design is not created in a vacuum.

I wonder what means to you „On/Off”?

The On is lit. the Off is dark.
Whatever it is, it is On.
Unless it’s not.
It’s still all about the context.
The purpose of graphic design is to convey a message quickly and accurately. Such a thing as this is too ambiguous.

Where to go for lunch, her mother’s incessant complaining about her lumbago, and the attractive man on the train.


Do not see the offer switch? :slight_smile:

This is definitely also :slight_smile:

Lumbago :smiley: Ain’t heard that in a while :smiley:

Yeah, her mom’s a trip.

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