What would you do

Another post on the forum leads me to ask,

  • What would you do if someone refused to host/post/print or otherwise output your design work?
  • What if it was refused for aesthetic reasons?

Just curious.

There’s so many paths in which could have been taken to arrive at the point of artwork rejection.
Let’s assume a deposit was taken on the work, and keep that a constant.

  1. Client accurately described and depicted their end goal for the project but I (after multiple attempts) failed to render their vision.

Assuming its clear between myself and the client that the project is not for me I would consider either a partial or full deposit refund. It’s rare that the deposit is ever refunded, but if a design cannot be finalized I feel the gesture is in good taste.

  1. Client failed to depicted a final vision and seems unsure of what truly want.

the design work is discontinued with no refund and an explanation given as to why this is the case. Deposit funds can be held until the client reaches a clear design strategy.

  • Unless i’m misunderstanding your question PD, now that i’m re-reading the post - do you mean I/reader has personal design work they’re trying to print and the print vender is in refusal to process? Say, the design work is in bad taste, or of such poor quality that it could damage the reputation of the printer?

It was brought up in another post that someone didn’t want to do a job because it looked “cheap” and was perhaps an ill-conceived idea for the purpose.

I’ve never rejected a print job for quality issues. Not for poor designing, poor resolution, or if it didn’t fit the client’s purpose. Of course, this would all be well explained to the client before proceeding, and waiver signed if necessary for low resolution items. Our company likes the money that making it to the print process entails :wink:

I’m not quite so sure what “cheap” means. I mean, I would print it.

I wouldn’t print it it was vulgar or derogatory in some way. Say, racist or sexist - or contained images not deemed appropriate (nudity or sexual images in bad taste).

Otherwise my one finger is on ‘Crtl’ and another ready to hit ‘P’

Unless it was offensive in some way — like printing banners for a neo-Nazi parade — I’m having trouble imagining a company turning down work due only to not liking it for some reason. Technical, capacity or various business-related reasons, yes, but aesthetic concerns, um, I can’t say I’ve ever had anything like that happen.

If for some reason a printer told me that he, for example, just hated the typeface I used and wouldn’t print it unless I changed it, well, I’d just go to the printer down the street.

Why are you asking this question, PD?

I’d walk away without saying a word, delete them from my contact list, then take it to a shop with more experienced reps.

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