Whatcha doin' during the Lockdown?

I’m working from home, and its been quite busy, but I have a lot of free screen time in between. I like to learn new things so I was looking for inspiration.

A friend sent me a link to free software for a modular synthesiser system. You know, the boards with cables plugged in everywhere and knobs and switches. Turns out it’s a great way for me to get creative with really cool technology (love that combination), and learn something completely new.

Here’s one I made yesterday …


i had a minimoog with 3 panels of knobs that made noises in 1986.
kinda like set up.

I was going to recreate the Minimoog next ! :slight_smile:

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I worked from home before Coronavirus, so, other than having Zoom meetings rather than face-to-face meetings, my daily routine hasn’t changed too much.

Honestly, other than no longer going out for doc appts, day trips and shopping, not much has changed. Joe is in the high risk category and since I’m right here I consider anything I would do could put him in jeopardy. So neither of us have been out of the house since March 15th. My niece does grocery drop offs when we are in need and Joe has had a few phoned in Doc appts.

Other than that I’m trying to keep my crafty little hands busy so I’ve been making masks for all my “essential workers”

Here is the latest batch but I don’t have the elastic on yet. That’s today’s project :slight_smile:


And here are some I’ve already done :slight_smile:




Otherwise I’m just doing my normal crafts to keep from going bonkers and talking to the cats and trying not to drive Joe up the wall … and vice versa :wink:


Cats are very helpful and worth the extra phone storage!


Aww … they are adorable fur babies :heart:

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My wife has been making masks today, too.

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That’s awesome :smiley: … and I know it’s nothing like this … but I sort of feel like the old war time granny sewing uniforms for the boys LOL … I can’t help it … it’s where my odd brain goes :wink: It’s my “war time effort”

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Just finished my last batch … they are being sent out into the wild over the next few days :wink:

Since there is no elastic to be found around here hairbands it is :slight_smile:

I swear, somewhere there is going to be a huge yard sale come summer of Toilet paper and Elastic :wink:

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I’ll have to ask my wife what her source for elastic is. She just bought some for the masks she made.

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With some time on my hands this past week, I finally got around to starting up a Twitter account ( https://twitter.com/DeseretType ) where I’m posting examples of typography found in and around Salt Lake City and Utah. I’ll likely soon get tired of it and run out of examples to post, but then, I guess, I’ll just stop. :upside_down_face:


I’m not on Twitter at all, so I can’t speak to it. But there is a pretty robust community on Instagram of folks that take pictures of vintage signs and typography (myself included). If you don’t get traction on Twitter, consider moving it over to Instagram.

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Seems all supplies are at a minimum here. Lots of people making masks I guess. No other reason for such a run on Elastic.

I have Twitter and Instagram. I’m not pithy enough for Twitter … I’m much happier on Instagram :wink:

btw … Just-B I love that old style of your header on Twitter. I’ve loved that look of destinations within the State name on old postcards :heart:
Here is one from our State back in the 40s’ :smiley:


The name of the style is escaping me at the moment.
If anyone wants to Instagram :wink:

my cat has a insta_account and now is following you.
i use twitter and facebook to pedal my comics and write about how i cant pedal anymore.

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Working from home on what few projects I have left and finally tackling cleaning out the downloads folder and cleaning the files off the old computer. Only took a pandemic to give me the time to do these very boring but necessary tasks. Be well and stay strong everyone!

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If anyone else is a fan of one of the best sitcoms in the world, Zach Braff and Donald Faison have a new podcast called “Fake Doctors, Real Friends” where they discuss Scrubs. It’s a fun podcast if you’re a fan.


Working from home on clients projects.

Love a new podcast! I just found The Rewatchables & How Did This Get Made, (awesome movie podcasts) and The Dollop is my absolute #1 favorite.

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