What's effect is this? help me

help me please

Firstly; hi and welcome.

It isn’t an effect, I’m afraid. It’s just a pretty poor, basic use of photoshop.

The images of the women have been cut out, put on a layer above a blue background. They have then duplicated that layer, filled it with white and moved it around 10px to the left. After that, a 4th layer has been added with some cheesy ‘clip art’-type adornment, which the person has either drawn in Illustrator (et al) and rasterised, or found somewhere, pasted on to the layer and positioned.

You’ll need to learn at least basic photoshop functionality to do this sort of thing, I’m afraid, or find someone who you can pay can do it for you.

I find pencil drawn on girl who don’t know name outsite the woman
what’s the keyword for google?

Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean there?

I didn’t think it is an effect it is all done by photoshop or any may be any other editing software because it does not seem to be done by any effect. Anyhow if you want to use this for your work you can make this type of picture, there are many tools for image editing like photoshop, etc

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