Whats the most efficient way to make this Logo?

Good afternoon everyone, I have a question.

How would you guys go about making a logo like this in Illustrator?

My Process was to use EFFECT>WARP>ARC LOWER and then adjust each letter one by one to achieve this effect. This however was quite time-consuming and I’m looking for a more efficient way to get it done.

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That would be how I went about to make it and i’d say its the fastest way.
Depending on the font your using to replicate this effect theres going to be some manual work in getting the letters just right.

You could always hand letter and use the pen tool if the above doesnt suit you.
Ofc starting with sketching is important.

Competent Illustrator work often takes more time than one might call efficient. It’s one of the things that separates valuable design product from the work of “plug-in jockies” and peddlers of crowdsource fodder.

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Do it five times a day for a week and it will become less time-consuming and more efficient. Practice, practice, practice to develop those skills - software can’t do it all for you.

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