What's the proper term for what i'm thinking of?

If there is one. There are… errr? Evites, if I remember correctly from back in school, save-the-dates… oh, man. I’m having a hard time remembering. It’s some type of e-promo you’d usually post on social media. And btw, isn’t e-vite a trademarked name, now? Dang.

It’s just promo material, really. In my case, for my design services. For the purpose of posting on social media. It’s a single page layout/design. Whatever you want to call it. I just thought it had a specific name so I know what to refer to it as. :man_shrugging:

So to reiterate, it’s simply a single page i’m design and posting as an image on social media for promotional purposes.

Sell sheet?
Pepperoni Pizza?

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Sounds like “a post” to me.

No no, a post is what you drive into the ground to put a sign on.

A pepperoni pizza sounds good right now.

I was irritated, skipped sad, now I’m pissed.

cocks shotgun

Now you’re onto something.

In all seriousness, though. It might just be another case of me overthinking things. But anyway, since it’s somewhat related, what are all the terms alongside things like a Save-the-date? Promotional materials and whatnot?

A social media campaign.

Eh, that’s pretty broad. I heard it during college, but I just can’t remember. A campaign would be a series of materials, I reckon.

I’m confused to what you’re looking for.

I’ve never heard what you’re describing referred to as anything other than a social media ad.

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I probably got it confused for something else. An E-vite, I think. an “e-something” for sure.

There’s a website I’ve used before for a client - actually put them onto it cos they were doing a lot of advertising on social media.

So I was able to give them the base image - the text - the logos etc. and he was able to go ahead and generate all the assets needed for different platforms, he loved it and it worked out great, he was able to generate all his assets for all his social media without having to come near me, a win-win - cos I didn’t want to spend my days creating 100’s of different size images for social media.

Anyway - they have a glossary

And this might help too

You might find the term you’re looking for in here.


Now there’s someone with some forward thinking.

:woman_shrugging: If I saw it I’d just think “they posted an invite!”.
Would it be clickable to bring someone to the facebook event page, Evite page, or external website? Let us know if you find the name!