What's Your Creative Type? 🎨

You can find out in 15 questions! :rofl:

If nothing else - it was a bit of fun and a time waster :grin:

The videos in between questions can be a bit long, but you can skip them in the bottom right corner (on a pc anyway)

If anyone is interested … I am ‘’ The Thinker ‘’

I’m not sure how accurate any of the write up is though :wink:
This last blurb on mine would be completely exhausting to me after a very short time. So I’m gonna say No … that is not who I would be seeking out :stuck_out_tongue:

Seek out the company of ADVENTURER types, who provide the perfect counterbalance to your introspective and analytical nature. The infectious energy and playful spirit of the ADVENTURER remind you to embrace the joys of creation—and to not be afraid to get your hands a little dirty in the process.

At the end of the test you can click on The Types at the bottom - or here and see the full write up on each category.

Yeah the long videos between each question are a bit annoying but it is possible to skip them.

I’m the Visionary. Sounds pretty accurate to me. Definitely the desire for practical solutions and the bit about community.


You live in a world of infinite possibilities, preferring to see things not as they are but as they could be. You know that life is limited only by the boundaries of your own beliefs, and you’re driven to push the limits of, well, everything.

Emotional, passion-driven, and full of ideas, the VISIONARY combines a vivid imagination with a desire for practical solutions. Your introspective and intuitive nature is balanced by a keen interest in the world around you and a desire to contribute to society.

Charismatic and expressive, you love sharing your ideas and visions with others and creating community around shared values and ideals. Your greatest gift? The ability to see the spark of potential in everything and everyone, and to inspire others to see it, too. You’re able to guide people toward an invisible horizon with a rare generosity of spirit and strength of conviction.

Don’t get stuck in the dreaming stage, VISIONARY. Your greatest challenge—and true power—lies in learning to take consistent daily action to create the future you envision.

Seek out the “voice of reason” of the THINKER type to help you take a grounded, rational approach to your creative work. The THINKER’s deep perception and probing intellect lend a powerful clarity that can bring your visions into sharper focus.


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I’m an Innovator apparently.

  • Creative Strength - Ability to generate new ideas and innovative solutions
  • Untapped Potential - Mastering the art of executing ideas
  • Ideal Collaborator - The Maker

The INNOVATOR sees everything through the lens of possibilities and progress, problems and solutions. You feel the most yourself when you’re using your intellectual and creative powers to solve problems and dream up new and improved ways of doing things. Your attention is largely focused on the world around you, and you’re constantly probing its structures and systems to find ways to push things forward.

Change may be scary for most people, but for you, it’s fuel for your creative fire. A pioneer and trailblazer, you’re here on this planet to light the way into the future, helping the rest of us learn to adapt and thrive in times of rapid and unpredictable change.

You’re a natural risk-taker, with an insatiable desire to expand boundaries and explore uncharted territories. You’re not one to do things the way they’ve always been done. You thrive when working in service of large-scale change and progress, and your talents equip you well for roles that allow you to experiment and play with ideas.

Beware when the initial spark of inspiration starts to wear off and you feel tempted to move on to the next big thing a little too quickly. INNOVATORS tap into their greater potential when they learn to master the art of the follow-through. By finding joy in the “messy middle” of a venture—not just the excitement of the beginning or the satisfaction of reaching the finish line—you’ll become a true creative powerhouse.

Seek out creative partnerships with MAKER types, who have the stamina and dedication to take any idea from concept to completion. Seeing the MAKER in action reminds you that taking it one step at a time is a much more effective creative strategy than racing to the finish line.


Apparently I’m an Innovator too! :smiley:


Funny. It says I’m an innovator, but the description of an innovator doesn’t really sound like me.

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According to the test, I should be hanging out with you guys (Innovators)—I’m a DREAMER!

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The last test (not this one) I was labelled Thinker. That’s odd, because I’ve done a lot of things without thinking.


It seems that I’m a thinker too, but I’m also thinking that I’ll take Adobe’s psychological evaluation tests with a grain of salt. :wink:

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So meta.

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I needed to look that up. This working from home thing takes me out of the loop.

Me too! LOL :grin:

Yeah, truth be told, I have no business saying it.

So doing so was kind of reverse-meta.

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Thinking of yourself as reverse-meta is so ultra-meta.


Dreamer, you know that I’m a dreamer. Well, can I put my hands in my head? Oh no! I’m nothing but a dreamer…


Hey KM!!! Good to see you :heart:

Hope all has been well in this wild world :wink:

Likewise. Definitely has been a few crazy years but I’m doing well. Good to see a few familiar avatars still kicking!

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Glad to hear all is well. And yes … its’ been crazy indeed

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It’s good to hear from you again, Keming. :grinning:

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I got Thinker, which is no surprise considering I’m an INTJ. I definitely analyze each project to figure out the best path forward.

Same here. Even though it’s an uncommon Myers-Briggs personality type, the type seems to be common among designers. I suspect it’s the combination of an analytical approach to aesthetics and problem-solving in addition to the compulsion to quietly improve and fix whatever it is around us that’s driving us nuts.