What's your favourite work by Saul Bass?

I would love to hear people’s reasons for why it is their favourite piece.
Mine is Saul Bass’ first poster for Schindler’s List, because of the huge amount of symbolism and power it contains with only the use of basic design elements.
schindler's list

Very literal.

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Saul Bass is one of those pivotal designers who shifted the entire field of graphic design — especially film titles — into a different direction. I can’t say that I like his work as much as I respect him for the difference he made.

For example, there have been some brilliant movie titles done over the past few years that, in my opinion, are far better than anything Saul Bass did, but it’s entirely possible that none of them would have been created if not for Saul Bass setting the groundwork for the genre.

So as far as me having favorites Saul Bass works, my liking of them is more about me respecting those pieces as seminal works of art. So from that viewpoint, the poster for The Man With the Golden Arm and his title montage for the movie Big Country are what I feel are most important.


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What’s your favourite work by Saul Bass?


Thank you, this is very helpful and insightful.

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