What's your typical day at work?


My new website The Career Files posts information about a day in the life on the job – across all industries, incomes, and levels of experience. I hope it will be useful to anyone trying to pick a career, change careers, or understand how their career can progress over the years.

I would love to post some entries from graphic designers. If you’re interested, please visit the site to fill out the anonymous submission form: http://thecareerfiles.com/submissions/

Thank you!

Pretty interesting. I think as a concept its a good idea to give a people an idea of what to expect in a “real world” setting. I might submit something at some point. I see that over time and more submissions you might get a better cross section. Especially since one person’s design job could be drastically different from another’s.

For a lot of the designers I know, there is no such thing as a “typical” day. I might even say that’s true for most of them. They don’t frequent internet forums much and don’t participate in online surveys. A typical year for them might work maybe…
The cross section will be skewed.
Just like with online Salary information. Anyone making a low wage will not answer the question. Anyone making a high wage isn’t interested in the survey. And then there are the ones in between who may or may not inflate their earnings.

As an example, a day might start with a press check at 6am, followed by a 3 hour design content meeting for Big Project A, followed by several hours of follow-up with clients on Small Project B, C, D and E, followed by a an hour or 3 doing work on actual design files. Another day might be all design files or a full day of photo research. And another day might be jetting across the country out to a venue to oversee the installation of an event or exhibit, which could take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks, and while there, or on the way back, stopping to do site measurements or a detail meeting at another venue for an upcoming design job.
That would be all the same person doing their “typical day job” as a graphic designer.

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Yup, thats along the lines of what I was hinting at. Having multiple people provide a rough example of a typical day would at the very least perhaps give people an idea of what to expect in a certain career.

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