When is a contract considered signed?

Hey designers,

After downloading a graphic design contract template, I got kinda confused.
At the end of the contract is the following sentence:

If this contract is acceptable to you and you are paying with paypal, then this contract will be considered signed by the deposition of the money into my paypal account at [Email address].

Is it possible not to actually sign a contract, but to be considered signed from the clients side after the deposition of money?

All that’s saying is once you pay the deposit the contract is binding.

Think of going to a shop. You make a contract on Entering the store for the purpose of purchasing goods. You bring goods to the till. You pay for goods. And you leave. No words are exchanged.

That is a legally binding contract.

If you leave the store with goods that you have not paid for then that’s theft. And you’ve broken the contract you made with the store upon Entering.

If the contract says the contract is signed upon depsoit paid to a paypal account and they make that deposit - then the contract is signed.

Exchange of money for goods.

not a lawyer


Convincing and logical reasoning, thank you for the fast answer!

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It’s really no different than “By clicking YES, you agree to the terms…”

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By giving me money you’re tied into this deal whether you like it or not.

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Thanks everybody for the answer!

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