When to let your client go?

As designers we sometimes have to bite the bullet and let a client go. But how do you know if you crossed to an unacceptable territory? These posters may help you think through your client-design relationship.

let-that-client-go-1 let-that-client-go-2 let-that-client-go-3 let-that-client-go-4 let-that-client-go-5 let-that-client-go-6 let-that-client-go-7 let-that-client-go-8 let-that-client-go-9 let-that-client-go-10 let-that-client-go-11 let-that-client-go-12 let-that-client-go-13 let-that-client-go-14 let-that-client-go-15

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Like the color theme!

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If it just needs to pop a bit more gave me a little chuckle lol


My cat isn’t impressed.

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These are great :smiley:

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