Where can I find free images?

Hi everyone,

I’m Emmanuel Katto from Uganda, and I’m looking for recommendations on where to find free images. Could you please share any platforms or websites where I can download high-quality images at no cost?

Thank you in advance for your suggestions and assistance!

Best regards,
Emmanuel Katto Uganda

Google Images has an option to search for different levels of licensing on images.

Subscription services like Shutterstock, iStock Photo, Unsplash and Freepik have large libraries of royalty-free images or images with a Creative Commons License.

Images with a Creative Commons license can be used in projects for personal use most cases.

Creative Commons is a huge bag of worms.
There are SIX different levels of usage and they recently updated their terminology with regards to license.
Read this carefully:

Creative Commons CC0 images are public domain and can be any usage (funny story, I used to find many of these on a certain stock site when I do reverse lookups – and the site is charging upwards of $400…)

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