Where can I find projects I could work on without pay?

I am just starting to learn, but without a target, everything seems so random. I want to do something useful for people and I am not at a stage where I can demand money. Is there any website where I can get some work to practice my skills?

Why does it have to be a website.
If you just want practice for practice’s sake any of the crowdsourcing sites provide active briefs.
Or if you want to do things for real people, get some practice interacting with the real world. Seek out local groups who might want flyers or mailers done up. Gardening clubs, church groups, community theatres, etc.

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Thanx, I think it solves the problem.

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Here’s a website that matches skilled volunteers with organizations in need.

One can get contacts, portfolio pieces and a warm fuzzy feeling.

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Is there a cause you’re passionate about? For instance, my business serves nonprofits but I do pro bono work for animal rescues and shelters because I am passionate about saving animals’ lives and I know they have no money for that. If you put pro bono work in your portfolio, be sure to mention that you did it pro bono and why. It can help connect you with clients who want to pay you because of similar work or their own personal connection with that cause.

Bear this in mind…
Graphic Designers are supposed to have mentored experience, through schooling, internships and entry level jobs. They are supposed to know what they are doing and why they are doing it. Working for free does not absolve you of the responsibility to your client to sell their message to their demographic effectively. Even with a non-profit or community group, they have a need for effective communication. A theatre group needs an audience. If the poster or ad you design doesn’t follow a few simple rules of graphic design, the group doesn’t get an audience and they lose money. That’s not the idea here.

Don’t attempt to gain skills on “paying” clients. Even if they are not paying you, they do expect a modicum of skill to come behind the offer. Much like freelancing, you are offering a service.

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