Where can you work as freelancer?

I just graduated in graphic design and I am looking for new opportunities, I looked at sites as upwork, but most of the available tasks are not payment verified,or the fee you have to pay is high, is there any page where you pay the membership only monthly or yearly but not the fee.

If that. In the US, an entry level job is a 4 year degree AND 2 years of experience, which I always recommend getting while still in college while eligible for internships. Once you graduate, internships are tough to land.

Personally, I wouldn’t even think about freelancing without five years of experience in the industry. Without sounding too harsh or patronising, you simply don’t have enough knowledge yet. What you have now is the minimum requirements for an entry level job.

Freelancing requires well-developed sales skills, on top of a good portfolio and a reasonable pricing.

If you want to be a freelancer, you should start by learning how to present yourself in the best possible light and convince potential clients to work with you.

Still, I highly recommend getting a regular job in the industry - to have a steady source of income - and building your freelancing career in parallel. Once you’re successful as a freelancer, you can decide what to do next.

Bearing in mind that a side gig as a freelance designer while working as a graphic designer for someone else might be viewed as a conflict of interest. Keep it above board with the boss.

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As you are just an beginner you should get your skills developed by joining in any firm first and then you can look for freelancing opportunities.

I couldn’t agree more! The next step, which of course happens for the brave ones and after gaining some years of experience, could be starting your own business. The options go from making and selling t-shirts to starting an advertising/social media agency with, well, pretty much everything in between. So, this is the path I followed: started as an intern, got the job eventually, worked for a year and a half before I started looking for some freelance projects. As you can guess, now I’m reading about some business ideas, but it will take a while before I feel ready to do more than reading, that much I can tell you. To sum up, start small, dream big!