Where do you read about your profession?

I’m looking for more online resources like Fstoppers but searching google results in way too many choices or simply not what I’m searching for. Where do you find articles about Photoshop filters or new Illustrator techniques or just random goings on like the new Instrument buy here in PDX.

What type of design do you do?
There are specific areas of design, some of them served by a number of organizations that offer far more than tutorials or short blog articles.

I can’t say that I do or have ever spent much time reading about design. I have lots of design books, but they’re often more about the pictures than the words. I do read a lot — just not a lot about design.

That’s kind of funny. I don’t really read the articles in the sign trades I get either. Either I been-there-done-that, don’t-ever-want-to-do-that, or someone does something really stupid, like using banner tape to put metal letters on a permanent exterior pylon sign.:exploding_head:

I just look at the ads for new machines, new materials, new process and new vendors.

I subscribe to podcasts.

  • InDesign Secrets
  • The Deeply Graphic Design Cast
  • Design Domination

I do that to, but that’s listening, not reading. :wink: I likely shouldn’t have made that distinction because there are some great podcast out there to listen to while driving, walking the dog, exercising, etc. In addition to those you mentioned, there’s also Debbie Millman’s podcast called Design Matters.

There’s a lot of good material out there but I was just talking to a fellow designer about writing articles and making some youtube videos with advice for beginning and seasoned designers. So if you know of any design bloggers please let me know!

I make digital advertisements for digital business directories on tablets in restaurants. I’ve stumbled across a few through LinkedIn tutorials that expose me to new tools like the Liquefy tool in Photoshop or learning about and using the Layer>Matting tools. There’s only one other designer where I work at but she’s relatively new so there’s not much exploring and sharing in terms of techniques.

I’ll have to check out these podcasts… my daily commute is 2 hours, so may as well listen to something productive :sweat_smile:

I do enjoy visiting https://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/ from time to time, and reading reviews on recent branding projects.

I have a few design books as well, but I don’t sit down and read the whole book, more use them as a point of reference as and when they are needed.

Also, sometimes look in on well known designers instagrams/dribbble to see what they have been working on. Then theres this forum, which is probably the site I visit most often for design, but thats about it really.

I do read a lot, but mostly about history.

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