Where is your online profile/portfolio?

Thank you for this.
I’m a newbie also and trying to enhance my skills ang gain more knowledge from you guys.

I’m a freelance graphic designer and here is my portfolio built in WordPress studionine.co.nz

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Hello, I’m new in Graphic Design currently working towards my Diploma of Graphic Design, my first online portfolio is here https://chloeelse27c247.myportfolio.com/

I fixed your link — Just-B, your friendly forum moderator. I love your illustrations, by the way. :grinning:

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Rules for this thread:

1. It’s for ONE link to an individuals portfolio of previous work. Not work currently for sale.
2. No business links.
3. No crowd sourcing or logo mill sites.
4. This is not the thread for critiques, questions or advice - they will be deleted. If you are in need of those things, start a new thread in the appropriate category

This is a place to show off your previous work. Nothing more.
This is not a place to hawk your wares. That is spam and it won’t be allowed. We also don’t allow crowd sourcing sites as they promote unethical practices. They are filled with spec work and the lack of compensation is staggering.

If you are brand new, and the first thing you try to post is a link to your portfolio, you can’t. You may type it out with spaces. You will be able to post a link once you have spent some time on the forum.

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Hi ya’ll

I’m a freelance graphic designer, feel free to check out my Behance profile.
Will love to gain knowledge from you guys!