Where on social do designers spend their time?

There are so many social sites out there for designers and I am feeling overwhelmed. Between Pinterest, Behance, Dribbble, Instagram, etc. what sites do you find the most valuable to share, get feedback, and be inspired?

This one.

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As @PrintDriver said … and bars. Due to recent events, it makes the latter somewhat difficult.

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Certain of us regulars here are older than most who have taken strongly to the newer strains of social media, finding ourselves more comfortable in an old-school forum/message board format like this one.

Three of the four horsemen have spoken.


My personal habits:

GDF – This is a pleasant place to hang due to helpful members, diligent moderators, and no attitude.

Instagram – I post and peruse on IG; but it’s about photography for me, not design or personal postings.

Facebook – Really, really dislike FB (and, yes, I know FB owns instagram). Deleted my account years ago and never looked back.

Twitter – Nope. Not even once.

TikTok, Snapchat, Whatever the Young Kids Are Doing – No thanks, too old for that.

LinkedIn – Yes, but in a limited fashion.

Behance, Coroflot, Other Portfolio Sites – Nope. I’d rather market my services to clients rather than other designers.

Pinterest – Nope.

YouTube – Yes as a consumer of information, no as a presenter or commenter.

MeWe – I tried it, but they seemed to have deleted my very limited number of friends. Have not been back since.

Flickr, Deviant Art, Etc. – There might be some value there, but I have not been motivated to try and find it.

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Welcome to the forum, by the way.

Oh yes there is.

Correction. Not much attitude. :smiling_imp:

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*4th horseman enters chat

I’m mostly on here, FB and Instagram, & YouTube.

I Twitter occasionally. I’ve even snapped a chat a time or two :wink:

Other than that nadda.

Welcome Aboard! :slight_smile:

There, fixed that for ya.


As others have said, here (and the uk equivalent).

I look at, but never really participate in Twitter and Instagram. I just follow specific people I like and whose work I admire. Twitter for general design and Instagram for type and lettering.

I have Facebook but only really to see yet another meal one of my friends may have just eaten! Oh, yes and for the odd (/not all that infrequent) political rant.

Behance. Very occasionally I will skim across it to see what’s around and have, on the odd occasion, sourced an illustrator there.

Hope this helps

I deleted my Facebook account years ago. I dipped a toe in Twitter at the start but I’ve not been back. I had a LinkedIn account when I was freelancing but I don’t use it now.

Aside from forums like GDF, I am mostly on Reddit which isn’t too bad if you don’t stray too far from your specific interest groups. BTW born in the 1950s but I love new tech.

I’m far too old for Reddit. Or maybe I maybe I never found my groove. I had fun over there for a short time on the font section. But, everything else seemed to overflow with 10 year olds … or those they liked to act like it.

The saying that comes to mind with a lot of Social Media now is “I’m too old for this shit”


Yeah, even the one Discord server I hang out in, there’s far too few oldsters. But I found the pay-wall (Patreon) and it’s far more fun to be among the adults in the room. It actually felt kinda creepy to be almost 60 and in a room with a bunch of mostly 18-25year olds angsting about their life in the moment. Do kids think beyond the moment any more? Just a curious observation.

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I use Reddit for other stuff I’m too old for - like online gaming (Ryzom, Star Trek Timelines), VCV Rack, and new music from around the world.

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It seems that most here limit their social media participation, and I’m no exception.

It’s sort of weird since part of my job, for years, has been to oversee and/or make recommendations about the social media efforts of clients and employers — some of which play large parts in those company’s outreach strategies.

Even though social media is part of my job, I don’t have much interest in it as part of my personal life.

  • LinkedIn — despite having a presence, I’ve never noticed any benefits coming directly from it.
  • Instagram — little interest in sharing photos from my cell phone or seeing photos shared from other people’s cell phones.
  • Pinterest — I have or had an account but never really saw the point.
  • Tik Tok or Snapchat — Just no!
  • Twitter — sometimes I look just to see what newsy things are trending, but I’m typically disappointed given that short, little posts of under 280 characters rarely say enough to pique my interest. Sometimes those I follow do link to interesting things, though.
  • Facebook — yes, but I mostly use it to keep up with old friends or extended family members. I start very few posts, but I’ll comment on or like things other people post. I also use it to participate in design, astronomy, physics and motorcycle groups.
  • Behance — I have a half-hearted presence there that I’ve done a poor job keeping up. I’m not even sure it’s social media, though.
  • DeviantArt — No. I have a strong dislike of all the kitchy fantasy art that dominates the site.
  • Wikipedia — Most wouldn’t classify this as social media, but active participants in writing articles form online communities based on mutual interests. Not so much any more, but I used to write articles there and made online friends with other authors.
  • Graphic Design Forum — Yes, because it’s a group of like-minded people discussing our shared interest in design.
  • Other forums — a few, like TypeDrawers and others no one has heard of.
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