Where should I start?

I’m looking for where I should start, or if I should, making money off of specifically Logo Design. Just a place I can start. I’m young, and have no formal design education. But I want to get working. I’m looking for any help or tips on how to start building a possible future career. Right now I just do it as a hobby but I’ve never actually sold a logo, or a design. Please leave your Advice below and any tips are greatly appreciated.

I’ve been hearing a lot of young designers say “i just do logo design” or “i’m a logo designer”

Limiting yourself to simply logo design is not going to get you hired.
In fact, logo’s are a design piece that doesn’t get reordered, and 95% of companies already have, and don’t wish to change. You’ll be targeting a narrow margin of new startups and hoping that they haven’t already branded themselves.

Let’s say you get the logo job, the company will ultimately (and this being something you would desperately want) reach out to you for additional collateral. And then what?

Get into brochures, business cards, typography, signage, sell sheets, flyers, posters… maybe web? (if that’s your thing).

You can do it. Design it. Have a portfolio that’s diverse. Make money.

Hello, Zachest don’t bother about your future because you have chosen the correct path. I will support to Biggs who clearly explained about the design industry and it is the fact. Just wait for your opportunity to come and execute your ideas in design. Before that go through many articles about design and try to know the industry and analyze the market which will be the introduction to your future. I will suggest some articles which will teach you the industry experience and current status.

  1. Forbes - market

  2. Design - Briefly

If you want to do graphic design, save your money, go to college. As the previous posters have said, logos are only one part of a complete brand development. It is rarely done as a one off. Far more goes into a brand beyond the logo.

There is obviously a need for one off logos, judging by the success of the crowdcrap sites. But that isn’t logo design. That’s just wasting time drawing pretty pictures in the hopes you might maybe get paid for your work. The clients buying that stuff have no idea if the logo is appropriate for their business or for future production techniques. As a sign guy I don’t run into them too often, but for a while there, a few years ago, we saw a bunch of logos come in that had been created for what were supposed to be “web-only” businesses - until they decided to attend trade shows and wanted booth signage far larger than their little 72ppi screenshot sized logo could go. There were a couple fully photoslopped logos that no amount of fiddling would ever make properly vector. It was a sad day for them. All because their “logo designer” didn’t know any better.

Logo designers should be required to purchase malpractice insurance. Their client is relying on the designer’s “expertise” in their purchase of the face of their brand, the logo. There’s a lot of money riding on that success.

I will definitely try to learn a wide range of graphic design, thanks for the tips.

Do you know of any colleges with good graphic design classes that you could recommend?

Where in the world might you be located?

Western United states.

Sorry, East Coast here, where the two best schools IMO are RISD and Carnegie-Mellon.

Someone from the West Coast may roll in a little later, after waking from Thanksgiving coma, with some other suggestions.

Art Center in Pasadena
Cal Arts in Valencia

If you are still in high school, start by working layout on school newspaper and yearbook, and also learn how to use a camera. Offer to be the one who takes pictures of the clubs. You’ll make connections when you do that and you can offer to help out with marketing of their club, events, and fundraisers with logos, flyers, social. You won’t make any money at first, but you’ll get experience in solving people’s design problems, which is what graphic design is really about. Do a good job at solving the problems and you are in a better position to negotiate compensation.

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