Where to buy or download this Shirt Blank Tee?

Here’s the sample photo:

lol … let me Google that for you :wink:

Pick whatever design that suits you :slight_smile:

Google Results

…And welcome aboard :wave:

lol thanks for the google link :slight_smile: Ive been searching for an hour and cant find it.
I’ve tried Creative Market, Adobe Stock, and other design resource forum :frowning:

Are you looking for that exact t-shirt? If so, why, when so many other similar ones will work. For example…


I showed different realistic mock-ups but thats what my client wants.

Update: I finally manage to download that hi-res photo from amazon and then I “fill>content aware” to remove the artwork.

Anyway thank you guys for taking this time to respond :slight_smile:

Yah, uh. That high-rez photo belongs to someone else.

yeah i was thinking that too. But i noticed different sellers using this template. even out in aliexpress and international. Im willing to buy if i can find the original source. :smiley:

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