Where to find logo intro music

I am in need of some logo intro music as I am re-doing my company’s YouTube intros. I have browsed through many audio files but have yet to find something that fits perfectly.

Sites I am actively checking are:


If anyone knows of any other websites that cannot be found via a simple google search, please let me know.

I stumbled upon bensound for some previous audio projects but unfortunately that website does not have any logo intro music.

I’m not sure what logo intro music is…
Are you willing to pay?
Royalty Free means there is a one time fee, not a per use fee.

Yeah, willing to pay.
I want to find something of good quality and not the same stock jingles that you hear a lot if you watch a lot of YouTube.

Check out http://freepd.com/ it’s a royalty free - creative commons zero - 100% free music site created by one of the top music composers of the Internet, Kevin MacLeod. He made the site to give free music without any need to give them credit. All music there is original.

I used luckstock.com on some of my projects as well besides audiojungle.

Melody Loops is worth checking out.

Free music made by Kevin MacLeod and his musical friends.

Free Public Domain - Royalty Free - 100% Free Music

Here ya go.

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