Where to get cheap textures?

I was asked to design a T shirt for a school event and as a finishing touch i figured i would add a worn vintage texture to the design (The event is at a barn so i thought worn is the way to go).

But i couldn’t track down any vintage textures for illustrator or Photoshop that were free to use. I think it would really make the design look cool so should i just buy some? or is there a free resource i could use?


What did you look for? When I search free textures for photoshop
there are tons. Granted a few are not really free. But there are lots that are.

I’m sure it’s the same for Illy.


The other thing about your design…have you talked to the printer doing the work?
You mentioned photoshop.
T-shirt printers, not a lot of them do 4-color process work. Unless you are doing direct-to-garment printing, your design quite often has to be separated into distinct color plates, often with a limit on the number of colors. While DTG is becoming quite widespread as the cost of the machines come down, you’d best make sure your printer can handle the work you want to design.

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