Which color scheme looks the best?

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

can you please help me select the best of 5 color scheme presets that i have created.
These are the five color schemes:





Black White

or you can go to my website Soccer club manager at soccerclubmanager .com and select the color schemes manually
unfortunately i cannot add the link, so you have to remove the space manually

thanks for the feedback :wink:

Light and Dark for me

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How many of your users are colorblind?

i dont know, i guess the same as the general population so according to google 8%
of course colorblind people would have difficulties with the blue and green color schemes, but there is still the black-white color scheme that should be fine to use

I could give you my subjective opinion, but that wouldn’t mean much since it would simply reflect which colors I like best. As for functionality and what other people might like, they all seem about the same to me.

Color blindness is a legitimate consideration, though, but I don’t see it being a huge issue here. There doesn’t seem to be any critical information that’s dependent upon differentiating between all the colors.

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your subjective opinion is actually what i would like to know.
i have also created a reddit survey and so far the most liked color schemes are “Black White” and “Light”

i am searching for the one scheme that is liked by most people to set it as the new default

OK. It’s sort of a toss-up, but if I needed to pick, it would likely be the bottom grey one.

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The only on that is relatively legible is Light. The rest of them I have to squint to read some of the text.


I agree with Peanut—color is always secondary to readability in graphic design.


If we are strictly only talking about the color schemes, I would go for light or dark