Which design site to follow for SEO purpose?

Hello, I am sorry for not engaging much here, been on board with tons of projects, I hope you all been doing fine, so yeah I am just trying to set a roadmap as I want my own venture for designs, you all know everything needs to be in pipeline from marketing, to designing, development and all, so I just want to know the marketing perspective so I can generate good organic lead, They are many amazing sites on top if you can check like,

I just find these sites engaging and cool, obviously I don’t want to copy them just want to take some chunks of ideas from them their, designs, marketing and development work is on point, thinking to follow them, if you guys have more suggestions please let me know?

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Hey Steve!

just look at the site and tell me which one looks better kind a confused lol!
just doing some good competitor research!

I have no idea what you are asking either.
One of those sites, I don’t even click on for various reasons other than whatever you might admire about it.
If you hadn’t posted here before, you’d probably have been booted for what looks like a spam attempt.

Wowsers, they are amazing! I made this logo design in like 3 minutes!

Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 10.13.29 AM

I clicked Love it!, obviously.

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I’ve removed all those links. They all undermine any professional in this industry. Do not post them or any other logo mills or crowdsourcing sites again.

No matter how “cool” they appear to be :wink: