Which device should I get? Ipad Pro or Surface Pro

Which device should I get? Ipad Pro 2020, Surface pro X or 7 or something else?

Hello, I’m new to this forum and need some advice. Lately, I’ve come to the realisation that I need a more portable device to design on, as well as to take to clients business meetings to take notes, something I can sketch and draw on, and do client work on the go. I currently have an MSI windows gaming laptop at home I do my work on, but it’s just too chunky and heavy. I’ve done a fair amount of research but still can’t decide which would be best between the latest Ipad Pro or the Surface Pro X and 7. So I want to hear what you’ve used and what your opinion is.

My requirements:

  • Must run adobe suite
  • Must have a pen
  • Detachable keyboard
  • Can use a mouse
  • Must have good specs that any graphic designer will need (I don’t know much about specs)
  • Amazing graphics and colours
  • A good size maybe between 11" to 13" (not the biggest importance)
  • Price isn’t really a problem.

What I’ve learnt
From what I’ve learnt from youtube is that the surface pro x has a new chip that doesn’t run with some of the adobe suite. Which to me is a problem, but then the Ipad pro only has apps which doesn’t have everything that the desktop version has anyway. Also that the drawing on the surface pros isn’t very good, apparently the lines are very wavy when illustrating on both Surface Pro 7 and X

I’m also not a big fan of the shape of the Surface Pro X pen, the flat design looks weird and I have a feeling that I won’t like drawing with it since I do a lot of traditional drawing with the normal round pencils.

I like Apple but I don’t have a mac so using windows makes more sense to be able to transfer stuff between.

Is there something else that fits my needs that I haven’t looked into? I feel like Ipad is the way to go at the moment, but I’ve only just started design and want to hear from some more experienced people.

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