Which font is this? Looks like Helvetica ExtraComp

Awesome design forum… glad I found this :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a font that looks like Helvetica ExtraCompressed.
But with some quirks that I love:

  • the middle stroke of the E isn’t as long as the top and bottom one
  • the S is more slender and “better” curved, has more space
  • the K… bottom right stroke starts growing out of the left top stroke and not from the middle left vertical line

what font 2

what font 1

Does anyone know how this font is called?
This would be awesome!
Thanks and all the best,

Looks like Rama Gothic Bold

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I wonder if myfonts.com or any other font websites have an affiliate program so you could make a little money when you send people there?


Many font distributors, including MyFonts, give foundries a higher percentage of the sale amount from their fonts if the purchaser of the fonts arrives at the font distributor site via a link from the foundry’s website. I don’t know of any that do as you suggested, though. Then again, I haven’t checked.

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I don’t know if they do or not, either, but it seems like RKK’s next level font identification skills should be rewarded.