Which font organizing program do you use and why?

Hello everyone,
I’m thinking of trying a different font management program. I currently use Nexus and it suits my needs just fine. The only thing I don’t like about it is that you have to have the program open to use uninstalled fonts. I don’t know if every program is like that or not. So for example, if I wanted to open an Illustrator file and make edits to the text, the font either has to be installed, or Nexus has to be open.

So I wanted to hear about what people use to organize fonts and why the like them.

I don’t use any font management applications, but if there are any that hide all the worthless Apple fonts that can’t be deleted, I’d be all over it.

I typically get by on a handful of fonts, and when situations call for others, I install them and remove them when I’m done. My font folder really is about 90% Apple junk that I’d love to get rid of.

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A long time ago, I worked at a sticker kiosk in the mall. I somehow accidentally brought a bunch of fonts (probably several hundred) home from there and most of them are terrible. I keep wanting to delete them, but then there’s that part of me that says “what if I need this exact font someday?!”
and so they remain…

I use universal type client. I have over 20,000 fonts. I like it because it keeps them organised, I guess. Its cloud based, so csn access anywhere. Just log in.

I use FontExprorer X Pro. Why? Because a while back, I did some work for a client and they needed me to use it for a job which served fonts from their server under their licence. I had been looking for something at the time anyway. It is pretty comprehensive.

These days I still use it, but, as I have an account with Monotype (their now defunct MTL cloud type library service, which they honoured for existing customers), this is my usual first choice, which installs via skyfonts (reflected in FontExplorer, so I can switch them on and off from there). I do use Adobe fonts as well as part of the cc sub.

In short, I use a combination of different things, depending on the job.

I like the cloud-based idea. I’m switching to a new computer right now and I’m remembering that with Nexus I’ve had to reorganize my sets each time I moved computers.

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