Which Font?


Anyone care to advise which Fonts are used for the Text Social & Network ?


Thanks in Advance.

It looks very much like Myriad Pro Regular & Bold.

Can’t get more generic than using a stock logo with the default program font, LOL!

And available on a variety stock websites

I don’t even bother any more. I’ve come to assume that a stock logo will appear on as many sites as the creator can upload it onto. Because, you know, the more you sell it, the more money you make. Pennies and pennies of it!

I particularly like the ones that are on sites that say “buy this and it’s yours, we’ll remove it” but it appears on a dozen other sites as available, sometimes obviously stolen (or the creator has different user names across stock platforms, which is entirely possible, but dumb if your serious about selling stock)

Thanks !!

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