Which Font?

Attn Graphic Gurus

Anyone care to advise which Font (Large White Italics) is used in the Packaging Box Mockup ?


Thanks Heaps !!

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There isn’t much to go on. Search for Brush Script until you find one that you like. There are 1000’s :wink:

I don’t know what typeface that script is, if it’s even a named typeface at all.

It’s Yellow Images logotype. It’s part of their branding. If I worked there and if I had input on a new logotype, I certainly wouldn’t have just used on off-the-shelf typeface for it. I might have referenced some faces that were similar, then drawn my own that was a unique composition.

Whether that’s what they did or not, I don’t know. Like RedKittieKat said, there are thousands of script typefaces out there, so good luck combing through them all on the off chance of finding one.

Notice how the two e’s are different. Notice how the second e flows into the s. Notice the big tail on the s. Notice how the Y curls around and merges into the It below it. And notice how the type joins up perfectly and the slant of the letters is just right, despite it not being set on a horizontal line. These are all signs of custom lettering or, at least, letters that were modified from whatever font from which they originated.


Thanks !!

I have another request.

Which Font is this ?


Looks like a font called Good Dog.

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Good Dog it is !!


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