Which Graphic Design Author Book is Good?

Hello Everyone, I am new here and I am looking for online graphic design book to purchasing but I am still confused about which author is good for beginner point, I have checked some author’s book like Timothy Samara, Ellen Lupton, Josef Muller Brockmann, and Adrian Shaughnessy. Can anyone suggest me which one is good?

G’day mate, :beers:

Graphic design is a pretty broad topic - what particular aspect of design are you wanting to learn more about?

Never heard of any of them. Never read a design book in my life.

The only one I’ve ever heard of and quite by accident is Salvador Dali - creator of the Chupa Chups logo - and Paul Rand and his work with Steve Jobs.

I quite like not looking at Dali’s work - and I mean never look at it. I make a point of it - why? I don’t know, I hate being persuaded in directions.

I used to be a fan of Picasso - saw his drawing of Peasants Hands in Madrid, a few years ago. But honestly, I drew boredom from his work.

I know weird right.

I don’t read any design books, I don’t like art, I don’t like other designers work, especially detest famous designs and designers.

Why? I don’t know, I feel I am easily persuaded. I’d rather make it on my own, and have done for over 25 years.

Why look at other work when you can create your own?

Will anybody know me when I’m gone, nope, but at least I was original and that makes me so happy.

I also don’t like reading movie reviews, or seeing movie trailers. I feel it persuades me before watching. And I much prefer to watch, draw my conclusions on whether I like it - and if I like it why would I care what others think? I’ve watched other movie trailers to find that the best bits are in the trailer.

That’s why I don’t have a portfolio. I’m 25 years working - why put my best bits into a portfolio?
And who is to say they are my best bits? Me? You decide what goes in, so you’re deciding your own best bits?

Besides, my best bits are yet to come.

I have an entire bookcase devoted to graphic design books and annuals that I’ve purchased over the years. They’re mostly picture books, though, showing examples of different kinds of work.

The few mostly text books I have related to graphic design are mostly esoteric, niche kinds of things, like essays on type design or philosophical treatises on data visualization. I used to buy various technical books related to web design, like books on various computer languages, but I’ve found a Google search is just easier (and cheaper) for that kind of thing.

I haven’t found text books on general graphic design to be that useful. They’re all pretty basic, which might have been useful when I was starting out long ago, but not so much now.

The only useful book I had as a student was the Pocket Pal.
I haven’t checked out the newest edition (edition 21) cuz I ceased needing it a long time ago.
I have no idea if this has been updated for digital press or wide format printing.
(I had to make this a TinyUrl because…ugh…Amazon)

Reading about other designers may interest some people, but how to output your art should interest you far more.

The Non-Designer’s Design Book is the best graphic design books to start with.

Why does that title instill me with fear?

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