Which Header top Design and Color is Better

Am I missing something or are did you just change the color of the bar?

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Was that a test? Trick question?

None is top design. So-so design maybe.

I’ve been watching your requests for opinions about your website over the last few days. You seem to be approaching everything in a one-off, piecemeal sort of way — making minor decisions one at a time instead of looking at the bigger picture, your broader goals and then making the kinds of overarching UI/UX decisions that would normally serve as a guide for making the smaller ones.

A better way to approach a website design is to think of the entire thing as a unified entity and not a bunch of individual pieces that are made up and plugged into place as you go along.

In this example, I have no idea whether that top bar should be blue or white. It depends on how it fits in with the rest of the site and how important it is that people see what’s in that bar. I don’t know if you’re asking for opinions on aesthetics or asking how best to use that bar to assist in creating a visual hierarchy for a user’s journey through the site.

Yes You are right i will work On it.

no you are not missing anything you are right.

Both are looking similar, you will have to add some design there so we can review easily and revert back to you best suggestion.

In addition to what B said, I am more than a little surprised at the minutiae of decision-making you seem to be asking. It’s not a problem for us, but could well be for you. Of course we’re all here to help guide with opinions and experience, but you appear to be unable to make the smallest of decisions without the help of others.

This leaves me thinking that, either you have so little confidence in your own decision making capabilities, or you have no idea what you are doing. I’d prefer to think the former. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone be so stuck on the smallest of decisions.

I am not trying to be cruel in any way, but it I have been genuinely surprised to see how often you would ask, should this be grey or blue, should the box have a line around it or not? You really need to learn to be your own editor for details like this and then get opinions on the big picture, otherwise your career as a designer will be a very long, drawn-out – and probably pretty unprofitable – affair.

Oh yes you have.

You may have a point!

You wouldn’t per chance happen to think these might just be ads for the stationery store, maybe? They’ve done just about everything here except directly post the URL. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Shipping costs would be a deal killer though. LOL!

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