Which identity should we use?

I am helping out a company (company A) to create marketing materials for another company (company B, a client of theirs) to present to company B’s board and I don’t know how to design these materials.

Do I use company A’s style guide which makes it look like it’s from us?

Do I use company B’s style guide which makes it look like it’s from them to their own board?

Or some sort of third option mashup or totally different font, identity, color scheme etc.?

Any help would be really helpful.

Typically I (Company A) put my branding on the presentation materials, in the terms of logo and presentation style.

I then use Company B’s logo as a paired brand - using their colour schemes and fonts.

Basically a cover page with my logo on top, their colours, and their logo in the middle of the cover page.

A title, in their font.

And then their colour and font throughout with my logo in the corner of each page.

Hope that helps.

That is really helpful, thank you!

And would you then work with Company B’s designer? Or would they hand over their style guide/fonts?

That’s up to you and your relationship with them, if you have a deal in place to work with them, or to hand over files.

Price accordingly.

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Hi Latitude,
You have options A. B and one ,more option.
I would like you to get deep knowledge of all the options and apply to make your unique identity.


What on Earth do you mean?


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