Which is the very effective photo cropping tools 2018

i like photo editing work and I am always trying to this but today I faced just one problem that whic tools is very effective for photo cropping?

All photo editing software can crop images. Is that what you’re asking?

Almost any design tool crops photos in some fashion.
What is the desired end result?

Are you referring to cropping or clear cutting? Or something else?

Which software cropping tool is the best for photo editing like,

  1. Adobe
  2. Gimp
  3. Photo Scape
  4. Pixelmator
  5. Coral after shot pro
    Please let me know

For passport size picture ?

I don’t know anything about 3, 4 and 5.
But I do know that 1 & 2 will work for your cropping needs.

Which one do you already own?

Cropping is not complicated. So since you “like photo editing” just use whatever one you already have.

For design I would use Photoshop. If you are just doing batches or don’t need all the other features Graphic Converter by Lemke is a very inexpensive and useful tool for non artists.

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