Which photo editing software is best for mac?

Hello guys!
Which photo editing software is best for mac?

Designers tend to like Photoshop since its capabilities are geared toward the needs of designers and printers.

Photographers tend to like Lightroom since they typically have little need for preparing their photos for print, which Lightroom isn’t meant to do. Lightroom is also easier to learn than Photoshop and has the photo editing and photo management abilities that photographers need.

Whether Mac or Windows, both Photoshop and Lightroom are essentially the same on both.

Affinity Photo isn’t a bad photo editing application for Macintosh either. It’s also lots cheaper than either Photoshop or Lightroom.

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I have heard GIMX, Luminar, Polarr, Foto, Adobe Photoshop Elements are most used ones for MAC.

See B’s post above.
Once you move into the freewares, be aware of your image compatibility in other software. I’m not a fan of software that can’t handle the RAW format. Designers, because of stock photos sites and because of improper education, are relatively sloppy about how color is handled and profiled in their imagery. Things could look so much better if you get on the same page as your printer/output device.

I think you mean Gimp, not GIMX.
I might have to check into Luminar a bit. Interesting tool if it’s as powerful as advertised (I’m often disappointed though, in practice.)
Polarr, meh.
Photoshop Elements is really geared toward novices.

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