Which sub-domains tend to inherently rank higher in a search?

By subdomains I mean free domains like .wordpress.com and .weebly.com

So far I’ve only seen a few blogs and articles(about random topics) rank high in a google search with the subdomain, .wordpress.com

You will not likely see any traction or gain in ranking with any of these domain names in any particular niche or area in which money is to be made. Articles MIGHT rank if you push them hard enough, but you have to realize that these primary domains have TONS of content tied to them, so you are likely competing with thousands of others who have aged and updated content to go up against. It’s best to have a TLD.

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Thank you! Great user name BTW.

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.wordpress.com subdomains tend to rank inherently rank higher in search as compared to .weebly.com in between these two as mentioned here.

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