Hey graphic designers :heart:
Im a graphic designer for 6-7 years now, im 26 years old.
I was wondering what do u guys prefer while working? Whiskey/coffee?
( i mean in general, cause i obviously know that you are not allowed to drink alcohol during work - if u work in a company )

Well ill start : when its early ofcourse i want coffee, but when its not… whisky can be a great choice ( not alot ofcourse)

i‘ll stick to tea or water.
Any type of alcohol will just turn me into a lazy twitter scrolling zombie that won‘t get shit done :man_shrugging:t2:


Thats one hell of an interesting point of view!:laughing:

During the day, I drink a lot of water.

Whisky is enjoyable, but that’s more of an occasional thing for after dinner.

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Which whisky do u like?

I hope it was a hypothetical question. Hypothetically I prefer whisky while working.

Ethically though, I cannot and will not consume alcoholic beverages or mind altering aid, synthetic or otherwise, during work.

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Totally is.

It’s okay then.

Coffee in the morning.

Sometimes I’ll have a drink during lunch. Usually a craft beer or margarita something.

Then I have a 2:30 coffee break, which is my favorite time of day.

Some evenings and weekends I’ll have a drink or two while working on freelance work. Sometimes I’ll go to a bar and drink wile working on my laptop.

I never drink whiskey, though. I have a bottle in my cabinet that I bought for a recipe. I tried mixing it with stuff but nothing tastes good (sorry).

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Dr. Pepper 10, Coke Zero or water for me. Chocolate milk every now and again. Don’t care for coffee. Dislike hard liquor. A beer or wine every now and again if there’s the right food to go along with it. Right now, it’s a glass of grapefruit juice, so I guess I’m all over the place.

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Haha! Cheers!

Working as a freelancer in a bar is always a great choice…

I thought I fell into an episode of Mad Men :wink:

I could gag at the thought of Whiskey. I do not like hard liquor at all. It’s all crap to me. Not that I care if anyone else wants one. I just don’t like it and never have … especially Whiskey. I don’t mind a nice mixed drink on occasion. I’m not even that big on coffee anymore. It’s been bothering my tummy a bit. I am a total tea fiend :smiley: All day every day :wink:

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You and I both, RKK … maybe except the whisky part!


Whiky/coffee? Irish coffee is good option :sunglasses:

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I don’t drink during the week, it’s too hard as it is to get up to go to work in the morning, and I can’t imagine it would make dealing with the crap files I deal with any more fun.

On weekends, a good Irish cider while doing yard work. Or a home brew if you don’t feel like doing any more work after (my home brew is about 7%. abv)

I only use bourbon whiskey for one recipe my grandma handed down to me, I buy it once a year at Thanksgiving.

I drink coffee while at work. I make the Trader Joes brand French Vanilla coffee; it’s currently my favorite.

I try to drink as much water as I can throughout the day, ya know, for health and such.

I used to enjoy a good beer with my dinner occasionally or on the weekends, but I have developed an allergy to beer as I’ve gotten older and cannot consume it anymore without excruciating pain. I’ve switched to hard liquor but don’t enjoy it as much. Sometimes I’ll have a rum and coke or a vodka and coke.

… er, I hope you all notice the key words are prefer while working? .

“It’s a trap!”

They said if you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life…they said…

Okay, you convinced me. I’ll have a wee dram or three while I hand trim the dielines.

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