Who designed the Moving Brands logo?

I’m sure I one read somewhere that Moving Brands hired another agency to rebrand them… but I forget now and also can’t find any info about it online.

Did I just imagine this?

I don’t know if you imagined it, but I hadn’t heard anything about it. Having another company design the brand of a company that designs brands would be a little odd.

Funny you should mention this, one of my mates that runs a branding business recently got someone else to do the rebrand for his business. I think the benefit of this is that the other person is looking at your business from the outside, so can see it more objectively

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A friend of mine, who runs his own design company, and I used to half jokingly say we should do each other’s because sometimes you are just to close and when it is your own. You tend to fiddle a lot more and lose some objectivity. He’s the only person I would ever have trusted to do it, but, in the end, we still never did. We designers tend to be far too obsessive!

As a consequence, I still don’t have my own website to this day, I took an old one down with the intention of redoing it – 15 years ago. One day…

In those 15 years I have happily created brands, websites, etc, etc for others, but for me? Not a chance!

Perhaps we should have stuck to the original plan!

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Ah. I started writing my reply and forgot to post. Just did, the saw you wrote pretty much the same thing – with far more brevity!

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Somehow I cannot wrap my head around this. Will “far less brevity” make sense? Probably not either.

I just know I tend to be far more verbose than necessary most of the time, so when someone says pretty much the same thing using a quarter of the words, it is far more sensible.

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I’ll file that in the “Use With Care” drawer, along with bi-fold, tri-fold, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, etc.

It’s funny the whole bi-weekly means twice a week in some places and every two weeks in other places…

We would say bi weekly here for twice weekly. And fortnightly for every two weeks.

But apparently it doesn’t work like that everywhere…

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Whenever I hear “fortnightly,” it makes me think of this scene from So I Married An Ax Murderer, which, if you can appreciate campy movies, is a lot of fun.

Penteverte is on Netflix, Mike Myers. It was alright - moderately funny scenes.

I had not heard of it. I’ll take a look.