Who made this?


Who designed this? Is it a stock logo that is for sale? I can’t seem to locate it anywhere but on Pinterest

It’s watermarked from Stock Logos. Have you looked there?

Stock Logos closed in January this year and the link redirects here. Understandable that you would ask here but it may be quicker to recreate something similar if you like the style.

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Actually I had a spare 30mins so here it is.

Hopefully this does not infringe on anyone’s copyright as it’s not an exact copy and has been recreated.
Someone else can do the fonts.

link removed

Mod Note:

SM: I removed your recreation because it indeed does infringe on the original designers copyright. Without the ability to verify the original designers usage intent or parameters, it would be inappropriate to make available a recreation or derivative of their design without their explicit consent. -PanToshi

Grabbed the link from Pinterest and dropped it into the Wayback Machine for you. Here’s what I found:

Designer: Nancy Carter Designs

And here’s her Facebook page, though it doesn’t appear to be active:

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My bad

Wow! Thank you very much. You bunch are absolutely awesome. I’m wanting to use this design for my company logo one day in the future. Mallard Enterprises/Mallard Outdoors. It might even get incorporated into a family “coat of arms” that needs a little updating. I will make every attempt to contact the original designer as well. Credit where credit is due and all that.

Thank you very much Studio Monkey. You have beautifully redesigned this logo. I’m going to sign up for drop box so I can access the design. I might toss a little splash of purple in there somewhere.

Shane Mallard :duck:

Hello Shane,

FYI: You are going to have to do a bit more than try to contact the original designer. It was/is an infringement of copyright for StudioMonkey to have redrawn and made available artwork that is not/was not theirs to distribute. It would be an infringement of copyright for you to use the plagiarized art.

If you fail to get permission AND possibly compensate the original designer monetarily, you risk being sued for copyright infringement.

I believe this is the original designer. I’m sure if you contact regarding their terms of usage and compensation for the mallard logo art they’ll be happy to negotiate. https://www.linkedin.com/in/nancy-carter-8399a4

Thank you,
Forum Mod


That particular logo was sold by Nancy via Stocklogos. I have no idea who purchased the logo but all rights were transferred to the person who purchased the logo.

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All files removed from DropBox. I will try to contact Nancy Carter to explain my actions and tender my admiration for her artwork.

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Don’t worry Studio Monkey. I appreciate how helpful you were trying to be. Besides it sure did motivate people to help me find Nancy. I have already contacted her.

Cheers everyone and thanks for all the helpful posts. You are all very talented.


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