Who remembers these types of proofs?

I loved these proofs. This is a flashback from 1998 for a project at my first job out of college. Since we mostly printed in two spot colors then, I’d pick colors that mixed well together to give a more 4-color process look.

I’d mix the colors in Quark XPress or I’d create DCS files in Photoshop.


Sadly, I do.


Color Key proofs made from the actual negatives used to burn the printing plates.

I remember them vividly as a regular part of my day-to-day existence some, um, 30 years ago.


I still get hard proofs like that, though they are merely just to see separations, plate making is still digital. :slight_smile:

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I’ve no idea how this would work.

@silence04 it really bugs me that I know your avatar from somewhere but I can’t remember where from.

I’ve been scratching my head. There’s something closely associated with it. Then it hit me … grease pencil!

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I had a vendor using these all the way up to 2000.
It was the only way to get color proofs of 4-color photos going on fired ceramic porcelain panels.

They’ve since moved on to a heavily profiled proof printer.

Registration marks. Line em up and stack em up on a piece of white paper.

Color keys, Matchprints, and duotones, oh my!

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oh yeah! what about non-repo blue!

haha its from an Alex Grey painting, he does a lot of album artwork for the band TOOL :wink:

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Oh god DCS files.


Don’t know the band or the artist though, it will remain a mystery :thinking:

non-repro. :slight_smile:

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