Who runs GDF's social media?

I noticed in the footer that the forum has an X (Twitter) and a Facebook profile that hasn’t been updated since 2022. What’s up with that?


To make it seem even more ominous, the Twitter account has this message:
Screenshot 2023-12-01 003708

Is there a reason? Do they need some help with this?

Several months ago, the ownership of the forum was transferred to a new person/company, as has happened several times in its history. It’s probably inappropriate for me to publicly divulge details about the new owner or speculate on their motivations.

I changed Twitter in the footer to say X, but anything more than that is the purview of the new owner. I know nothing about the X or Facebook accounts or who owns them.

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Also, we have no access to the controls on other platforms.

Got it. I was just curious if all of this was controlled by someone active on this forum, but it seems like the ownership is more of a silent partner in this.

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