Who won the 2018 Super Bowl of Advertising?

Cast your nominees and votes here:

I don’t see a place to cast votes.
I think I have to say Tide was the winner, even though the commercial spots were corny. I remember laughing at Anthony Hopkins being the voice for some piece of intrusive technology (no idea which one) and wondered how much money they were paying Morgan Freeman to lip synch rap (again no idea what the product was…)
But I remember Tide was a sponsor.

I think he means us to first suggest nominees, than he will create the voting. My nominee is ‘Alexa lost her voice’.

This thread is a Tide ad.

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Actually, I don’t know how to create a poll for voting in this new forum. But yes, I was thinking nominees first. There could be nominating and voting at the same time or even nominating after voting as long as nobody votes for the same thing more than once.

Either way, analyzing is more important than voting. We want to know what people like about what they like. We also want to know if the ads are working beyond the entertainment factor.

BTW, I haven’t seen most of the Ads, but I recorded them all.

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