Why I can't erase or cut gradient mesh in Adobe il


Why I can’t erase or cut gradient mesh in Adobe illustrator?


You can’t use the vector tools on a “raster” effect, probably.
You could use a clipping mask.
Or make the shape first then apply the gradient mesh to it.

The gradient mesh is a vector and I want to use an illustrator knife or eraser.

I want just crop my page but it seems I can’t.
The clipping mask doesn’t let me!

What is the best way?

Are you trying to crop/export just the central purple/pinkish rectangle?

There are several ways if you are just trying to do it, I would either go into the document setup and resize the artboard to match the rectangle, then export as needed … or … place the whole thing into InDesign and , sett your InDesign page to match your rectangle and export there.

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Is there any way to save just artboard in illustrator?

Yes, export for screens and choose your artboard.

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