Why midjourney puts sofas in most of the photos?

Why there are always sofas and armchairs in random scenes? It ruins lot of photos as not always it’s possible to remove it in photoshop. negative promts creaties very different results

Because as the name of the technology clearly suggests, the “intelligence” is artificial.

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and why sofa? :d is there anything special in it? placing sofas on a beach or any other not suitable place looks really strange, when overall scene is really nice.

So-called generative AI doesn’t just dream up stuff; it plagiarizes concepts from pre-existing sources. It’s looking at Cialis ads where there are two bathtubs on a mountainside, for example. Every potential source in existence; surrealism, expressionism, absurdism, crazy stock photo composites, etc., could input to your results. No one can really tell you why your chosen engine, or its interpretation of your prompts is producing unwanted sofas. Until the thing becomes more tool than toy, you’ll just have to learn to like upholstered furniture.

I’ve never experienced this. For the most part I get what I want. However, I was mentioning an issue not long ago with NightCafe. I was getting a cat embedded in the shoulder of the Granny I was trying to generate. It was very odd. It was gone after a couple days of trying. I think AI gets caught up on a certain detail and totally misinterprets it. All I can tell you is try again in a couple days or talk to the groups on Discord and see what their suggestions are. I haven’t use MJ in a long while. :slightly_smiling_face: