Why my dribbble shots gets blurry after uploading?

I mostly use Figma for my Designs and whenever I am done with a design and upload it to Dribbble, it looks blurry afterwards. The shot size is 1600x1200 (as dribble recommends this size).
Does anyone have any idea why this happens?

Show us a screenshot of some of the designs

I’m pretty sure Figma exports images compressed. I have never used the program before, but some quick Google searching told me that. There may be a setting in your Figma platform to not compress images, poke around!

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Thanks for the response. I just noticed there is a file size settings with the export panel. I saved the same design again with the size option set to higher than 1.5 and the it was not compressed. I hope that solves the issue. Will know after my next upload on Dribbble. Again Thanks :slight_smile:

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