Wich program you use

I am new in graphic design, and I can’t decide which programs to use.
I use adobe fireworks to create a structure for the website, and some basic images for the website. Now I need more, and I can’t decide.

Which program do you recommend?
I looking for Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Corel??

Adobe Fireworks ended in 2013.
Corel is not Adobe owned at all.

You mention graphic design, but also website structure and also a vector drawing program.

Hard to know what it is you do - or want to know.

I am a print designer, so most of my work is InDesign and I use Illustrator and Photoshop as add ons for little tasks.

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SpellCheck. And if such a software existed, FactCheck.


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If you recognize them early enough to turn it back on them, yes.
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I recommend Corel Draw

Depends what you want. If your aspirations are to become a pro designer, then it has to be Adobe all the way. It is the industry standard. Their creative suite will cover pretty much all creative disciplines. However, if you are not professional, or planning to be, it is not the cheapest option.

You could look at the Affinity software. It is much cheaper and is working on becoming David to Adobe’s Goliath. I have used it for a couple of small jobs to try it out. It is not as fully-loaded as Adobe, but it may well get there. It takes my vote for second place. Very capable and usable for a lot of professional work.

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