Width requirements but no height?

Hey! First time posting here and I have some question related to a project I have for school.

They’re asking me to update a logo and send it in SVG and PNG at 250px width and 185px width for different uses.
I’m fine with that but how come I don’t have any height requirement?Is it pointless?
It’s also gonna be used on a white background, do I have to match my logo (the width) to fill the 250px and 185px of my artboard or is the size of the artboard in itself enough and I can size down the logo a bit to center it for example?
I’m using Illustrator

Thanks in advance!

They have an area of certain width reserved for it. The aspect ratio of the logo as designed will determine the height. The simplest example would be if your logo’s overall size is square height and width are equal). At 250px wide, it is 250px high. Scale it down—doing it properly, preserving its relative proportions (aspect ratio)—to 185px wide, and it will be 185px high. See, there is no need to specify both width and height.

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Although, not specifying a height limit can lead to misunderstandings.

My problem is always the opposite. I get height but no width.
I always get clients saying they want words at 6" letter height.
When I send them a proof with their words at 6"h x 144"w they say, “No, no! It has to fit in a 36” space!" :man_facepalming:

I agree with @HotButton, so I won’t repeat what he said.

As for the second part of your question about filling the entire space, I assume your instructor intended for that the be the case. However, you’ve asked a reasonable question that only your instructor can answer since there’s no way to be certain what he or she had in mind without a bit more information.