Willy hit the reset button

Hi !! Hope all is well with everyone. Lots of exciting changes in my life over the past 3 months.


Been wondering where you are at :wink:

There are crickets in the Photography threads :wink:

Hope you had a great holiday and welcome back!! :heart:

Hi, Willy. Big, exciting changes? What’s up?

Welcome back! Exciting changes, eh? I’m intrigued.

I did Kittie

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It’s a huge long drawn out story. But after 30yrs of marriage which 10 of the last have been miserable for me. I finally said enough is enough and left. Starting over is kinda scary (at 50) but exciting at the same time.


Well that is a big change! Whew! Scary, I know :heart: Hope all is working out and things aren’t too stressful. You know you can always hang out here if you need some distractions :smiley:

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Single now, and if I remember right, a new job. Between that and the issue with your leg, you’ve had a memorable past couple of years. Good luck with everything! :crossed_fingers:

Good luck fella.

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